**new CD named 'Insignificant Songs' now available from my BANDCAMP page. Go and buy/listen to it**

upcoming: 29.01.11, Nottingham, The Chameleon, w/ Ballboy // 12.02.11, Brixton, The Windmill, w/ Weekend


This website is here to represent a portion of the online presence of Chris East, also known as Winston Echo. Winston Echo is a man/band playing guitar led indie/folk/pop songs since January 2003. Winston Echo is available for shows and other exciting things and can be contacted by email via chriseast83[at]gmail.com

links = myspace - bandcamp - chris east twitter - chris east blog - youtube channel - tell me something sexy
other chris east bands = anguish sandwich - jackolantern

The following is a list of albums or long form recordings which are available for you to download by clicking on the relevant links
When Will We Commute Like The Jetsons Did? (.zip album)
Winston Echo [hearts] Homocrime (.zip album)
It Is Alive (.zip album)
Winston Echo Plays Nervermind (live MP3)